The White Cap RV Park

RV ParkPlaygroundBBQ Area The White Cap RV Park is located in a quiet area away from the main highway, opposite the motor inn, and is surrounded by trees. At each site, there is a picnic table and a place for campfire.

Trees and bushes are situated between sites, ensuring privacy.

You will also enjoy the following guest amenties:

  • Café and Patio
  • Coin-operated Laundromat
  • Washrooms with hot showers - 25c for 2 minutes
  • Sanidump station
  • Firewood available $5.00 per bundle
  • Children’s playground
  • Covered picnic area with propane BBQs
  • High speed Internet in reception area
  • Payphone available

15 full hook up sites (power, water + sewer) with a 30 amp power supply

3 full hook up sites (power, water + sewer) with a 15 amp power supply

4 power and water sites with a 15 amp power supply

2 power only sites with a 15 amp power supply

5 unserviced sites

Rates (before taxes*)

Full Hook-up 30amp $29.75
Full Hook-up 15amp $27.75
Power and Water 15amp $25.75
Power Only $23.75
Unserviced $21.75

Special: Stay for 7 days for the price of 5 days.

We don’t make any additional charges per guest per night but we have a per site maximum of 6 guests and guests are not allowed to park or overflow into another site. We have plenty of additional parking space available close by.

RV camping early in the season

Please note that the water on the RV Park is drained down for the winter and turned on again when the snow has gone. When guests arrive before the snow has gone they can have power only, fill up with water at the motel and use the washrooms in the Laundromat.

Pet Policy

Generally, we do not make any claims to be pet friendly, but we do allow guests to bring their pets provided:

  • We are notified both at the time of booking and at check in.
  • Pets must be well behaved and well supervised at all times
  • Owners are responsible for any damages
  • Owners must comply with the local bye laws that require dogs to be on a leash at all times and owners to clear up after their pets.

Keep in mind Barkerville Historic Townsite does not allow pets within the site. There are no kennel facilities in Wells.

Can I bring firewood?

No. As a result of the pine beetle infestation there is currently a restriction on the movement of firewood around British Columbia. Moving firewood from one area to another can result in fines of up to $10,000, and even campground owners can be fined for not reporting violations. Only sawn bark free boards and planks are exempted under this law.

*Effective April 2013: 5% GST + 8% room tax + 2% additional room tax (total 15%.)


Reservations: 1-800-377-2028